Nerina Pallot - Live At The Union Chapel - HQ Video


Filmed and recorded live from the Union Chapel in London on October 24th 2014.
Duration: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
1920 × 1080 HD mp4

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1. Buckminster Fuller
2. If I Had A Girl
3. Idaho
4. Rousseau
5. This Will Be Our Year
6. Boy On The Bus
7. Everybody's Gone To War
8. Mr King
9. Grace
10. Happy Day
11. The Hold Tight
12. All Bets Are Off
13. Geek Love
14. Blessed
15. I'm Gonna Be Your Man
16. Put Your Hands Up
17. Moments Of Pleasure
18. Sophia

Artist: Nerina Pallot

Lead Vocals, Piano and Guitar: Nerina Pallot
Drums, Piano: Lewis Wright
Bass, vocals: Mark Ferguson
Guitar: Tim Van Der Kuil
Guitar, vocals: Samual Taylor

Cello: Ian Burdge
Violins: Ian Humphreys, Calina De La Mere, Richard Costa, Sally Herbert
Viola: Vince Green,

Backing Vocals: Jodie Marie, Hazel Holder, Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Filmed and Edited: Tommy Reynolds
Live sound: Tristan Mallet
Tech: Mark Dyde
Studio mix: Andy Chatterley