I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
Alternate Cover Cassette


I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Limited Edition Alternate Cover Cassette
Release Date: 17/06/22
Pre-orders will be dispatched to arrive on 17/06/2022

There’s me on the cover, in an alternative photo, looking all wistful, like I’m internally debating whether Wittgenstein was a genius or just miserable when actually I’m just wondering whether it’s time to change the cat litter tray.

Cassettes are dead useful if you want to appear cool and forward-thinking in a steampunk kind of way but aren’t ready for a tattoo in a foreign language you don’t speak but think looks arty.

Includes detailed liner notes exploring the making of the record. Contains Bonus track ‘Chanson’ exclusive to physical copies.

Side A

1 Cold Places
2 Alice At the Beach
3 Master Builder
4 There’s A River
5 Born
6 I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Side B

1 The Way We Are
2 Mama
3 Only The Old Songs
4 Australia
5 Don’t Dare (Love Is Hell)
6 Fun
7 Chanson