I Don't Know What I Doing
Tote Bag

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Look at this lovely cotton tote bag with a design I did and everything. You can even put things in it, isn’t that grand? Disclaimer: it’s roomy, but it may not be big enough to pack everything you own and drive to Idaho with. (Unless you’re a monk or a nun in which case it should be plenty big enough and as an added bonus you’ll never have to worry about having your hand-baggage put in the hold the next time you fly a budget airline.)

'I Don't Know What I Doing' Tote Bag, illustration by Nerina.

Full-colour print using advanced high-quality vinyl transfer materials onto 100% cotton tote bags.

380mm wide x 410mm deep.
The top of the bag to the apex of the handle measures 380mm.
The 100% cotton fabric is 140gsm weight!
We'd recommend that these bags be cold hand washed only.

*Please note this product will ship on June 17th on the album release date.
** Image for illustrative purposes only, the final product may vary slightly