Be the Light in the Dark
Cold Places Lighter


I should have made one of these for the Fires album really. Missed a trick there. But better late than never. For all those things you want to set fire to: logs, candles, your cheating ex's terrible clothes, the rain - the opportunities are endless.

Nerina Pallot Refillable green lighter featuring lyrics from the new single “Cold Places” on one side and the Nerina Pallot logo on the other. Printed in gold.

*Note only one lighter – Image is for illustrative purposes to show both printed sides

Child-resistant according to EN 13869:2002
TUV certified according to ISO EN 9994:2006
Lighter measurements: 82 mm x 24.2 mm x 10.5 mm

*Please note this product will ship on June 17th on the album release date.